General provisions

1. Agromaj online store, hereinafter referred to as the Store, conducts retail sales via the Internet, on the basis of these Regulations [hereinafter "Regulations"].

2. The owner of the Store is: AGROMAJ SP.J.

A.Majchrzak R.Majchrzak located in Koziegłowy, Gdyńska 70, Poland, NIP: 782 00 43 331

3. The Regulations are an integral part of the sales contract concluded with the Customer.

4. The condition for concluding the sales contract is the acceptance of the Regulations by the Customer.

5. The prices given in the Store are gross prices (including VAT).

6. The goods available in the Store are free from physical and legal defects.


1. Orders can be placed as follows:

a) via the form available on the Store's website,

b) by e-mail to the address available on the Store's website,

c) by phone to the numbers intended for placing orders, available on the Store's website in the Contact tab.

2. The condition for the contract to be processed is that the Customer provides data allowing for verification of the Customer and the recipient of the goods. The store confirms the acceptance of the order by e-mail or by phone. The store has the right to refuse to accept the order, limit the method of payment or demand a prepayment if the order raises justified doubts as to the truthfulness and reliability of the data provided or the method of payment.

3. The parties are bound by the information contained on the Store's website next to the purchased goods at the time of placing the order, in particular: price, product characteristics, its features, elements included in the set, date and method of delivery.

4. The information on the Store's website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. By placing an order, the customer makes an offer to purchase a specific product. The contract of sale is concluded upon the confirmation of the Order by the Customer by clicking on the confirmation link in the e-mail sent to the Customer by the Store.

5. We may refuse to accept or complete any order, at our sole discretion, including without limitation, if:

5.1 There is an error in price or description that is obvious and non-negligible and could reasonably have been considered a misprint when the order was placed;

5.2 Your payment has been declined;

5.3 We do not have sufficient stock to deliver the product you have ordered;

5.4 We do not deliver to the area where your delivery address is located; or

5.5 Delivery is not possible or practical for us, or we have other doubts about the delivery address you have provided to us.

6. If we refuse to accept your order in accordance with this Clause 5, we will not be obligated to offer you any compensation for your loss or disappointment.

7. Orders shipped abroad (the company is located in Poland) will be sent only after the payment of funds to the seller's bank account.


1. The customer can choose the payment methods specified in the Payment methods tab.

2. Shipment prices are specified in the delivery price list and may vary depending on delivery address and country.

3. The condition for the release of the goods is payment for the goods and shipment.

Shipment of goods

1. The ordered goods are sent by the Store via shipping companies (eg Poczta Polska or a courier company) or made available for collection by the customer at the company's premises.

2. In the case of payment by payment card, the order completion date is counted from the moment of positive transaction authorization.

3. Shipment of goods is carried out only after prepayment, the shipping date is extended by the period between placing the order and the date the payment is credited to the Store's bank account.

4. The order fulfillment time is specified on the item page and counted in working days.

5. Certain products and orders may require separate package depending on dimensions of the product or weight. These products may be shipped separately. Customer then will be informed of such event and will be informed of custom delivery prices. Customers agreement will be necesarry to conduct further deliver procces


1. The basis for accepting the complaint is the Customer's presentation of the proof of purchase of the goods (fiscal receipt or VAT invoice).

2. In the event of non-compliance of the goods with the contract, the Customer should send the defective goods back to the Store together with a description of the non-compliance.

3. All electrical parts are non-returnable and non-warranty.

4. The store will respond to the customer's complaint within 14 working days from the moment of returning the goods, together with a description of the non-compliance. If the verification of non-compliance requires the consultation of an expert or representative of the manufacturer of the goods, the deadline for responding to the Store is extended by the time the Store receives such an opinion.

5. When the implementation of a justified complaint involves sending a new product to the Customer or removing non-compliance, the costs of delivery shall be covered by the Store.

6. Individual settings of the Customer's computer and monitor causing incorrect or distorted display of information about the goods (eg colors) cannot be the basis for the complaint.

7. In order to consider the complaint, the customer should complete and provide the complaint form available on the store's website in the „Files to download” tab. This tab is at the top of the page.

The right to withdraw from the contract

1. Pursuant to the Act on the protection of certain consumer rights and on liability for damage caused by a dangerous product of March 2, 2000, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract.

2. The right to withdraw from the contract is effective if the Customer submits to the Store, in  14 days from receipt of the goods, declaration of withdrawal from the contract.
3. The customer returns the goods to the Store within 14 days of submitting the declaration of withdrawal from the contract. The returned goods should be intact, including complete, in original packaging, and with no signs of use. The shipping costs are covered by the customer.

4. In order to consider the return, the customer should complete and provide the goods return form available on the store's website in the „Files to download” tab. This tab is at the top of the page.

5. Within 3 working days of receiving the package, the Store will check the condition of the delivered product.

6. Within 7 days of checking the goods, the Store returns the paid amount to the Customer, less the costs of the contract. The customer should indicate the bank account number to which the refund is to be transferred.

7. In the event of a breach by the Customer of the conditions specified in paragraphs 2 and 3 above, the declaration of withdrawal is ineffective, the goods are not returnable, and the Store does not refund the amount paid to the Customer.

8. The right of withdrawal is not entitled to the Customer in the cases specified in art. 10 sec. 3 of the act specified in sec. 1 above, i.e. in the scope of:

a) the provision of services commenced, with the consent of the Customer, before the expiry of the withdrawal period (applies to the provision of services, and not the sale of goods),

b) audio and visual recordings as well as recorded on IT data carriers after the Customer has removed their original packaging,

c) contracts for benefits for which the price or remuneration depends solely on the movement of prices in the financial market,

d) services with the properties specified by the customer in the order placed by him or closely related to his person,

e) services which, due to their nature, cannot be returned or whose subject quickly deteriorates,

f) delivering the press,

g) gambling services.

9. The basis for returning the goods is having the original, undamaged packaging provided by the manufacturer.

10. The Ordering Party who is not a Consumer shall not be entitled to return the goods, unless otherwise agreed upon individually with the Seller.

Privacy protection

1. By placing an order, the Customer agrees to the processing of his personal data only for the purpose of completing the order.

2. The Customer may also express a separate consent to receive advertising and promotional materials, including a commercial newsletter, from the Store.

3. The customer has the right to inspect their data and correct them, as well as to request removal.

Intellectual property

It is forbidden to use any materials published on the Store's website (including photos and descriptions of goods) without the Store's written consent.

Entry into force and changes to the Regulations

1. The Regulations come into force on the day of publication on the Store's website.

2. The Store reserves the right to amend the Regulations, which shall enter into force on the day of their publication on the Store's website. Agreements concluded before the amendment to the Regulations shall be governed by the version of the Regulations in force on the date the Customer places the Order.

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